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Performance Fiberglass has supported world champions and Industry Professionals throughout the years.

Date: May 18, 2015


To: Performance Fiberglass


From: Keith Navarre, Marine Safety Officer


Subject: Rescue Watercraft Service Testimonial



Orange County Lifeguards has used Performance Fiberglass for many years as their go to repair facility.  From major to minor hull repair damage to our Rescue Water Craft Performance Fiberglass consistently provides high quality work.  What we like most about the service is the staff’s extensive knowledge of the materials used in boating hull manufacturing. Knowing the job is done correct the first time is important to us, thankfully knowing their track record we can rely on Performance Fiberglass to get our Rescue Craft repaired correctly. They really make it look like the damage never happened.  Performance Fiberglass’s quality and prompt service keeps our Rescue Water Craft Lifeguards out on the water, which helps us keep the public safe. A Big Thanks to Performance Fiberglass!


- Keith Navarre, Marine Safety Officer, OC Lifeguard Rescue Water Craft Training Instructor

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