The work John’s shop did was BETTER that what the factory could have done, simply amazing.

“WOW!!! That was the first word came out of my mouth when I saw my ski that John had just completely finished working on it. I have an 11-year old ski that was “badly” weathered and beat up, a complete eye-sore to look at. My old top deck color was an ugly burgundy and the bottom hull was heavily water stained brownish white. I wanted something completely different color scheme but I didn’t know what I exactly wanted. John came up with an idea of making it all black with Kawasaki green front hatch/cowling. Honestly I was little worried thinking “how this little shop can do such a big job, completely repainting the top deck and re-gel coating the bottom hull? That’s a lot of work?!” Well, that worry didn’t last long. The work John’s shop did was BETTER that what the factory could have done. How do I know that? That’s because I am a factory engineer for Kawasaki who specialize on finish quality on JetSki. The work John’s shop did on my ski is simply amazing. It is truly a million-dollar quality job. If you are looking for a top notch quality craftsmanship, amazing creativity and extremely reasonable price, don’t go anywhere else. As an engineer who work on PWC for living, I highly recommend this shop for any kind of paint, gel-coat or fiberglass related job, small or big. You will be very glad that you did. Trust me.”

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